2018 Sponsorship & Marketing Opportunities Package

We must take this opportunity to applaud you and your continued support of the Home Builders Association of Southwest Colorado Association. Thank you for changing the building industry through creating this: the number one building industry association in the region!
Thank You – We cannot do it without you!

Since 1995, the HBASC has found support through its members. Dues for the association are only a minute component of what keeps our programs and events going. Instead of us continuing to request financial support for each program or event, we are introducing our Sponsorship Package to assist you in your budgeting and to offer the opportunity to you to carefully choose where your dollars go.

Consider your advertising budget and how you build your brand and customer base. Our communication channels offer you a unique, customized way to reach your target audiences. Whether you want to deliver your brand to consumers looking for your products and services, or you want to target your industry directly through business- to-business advertising and events, you will find we offer limitless opportunities. When you sponsor multiple activities, you will gain optimal exposure.

Additionally, you will support the following efforts – all which make your membership even more valuable.

Industry Voice:
We are engaged. Being part of the Home Builders Association of Southwest Colorado means having a voice. We encourage all of our members to stand up and be heard. We listen to what members say and represent you at the local, state and national levels.

Educational Opportunities:
We are here to present programs specific to our industry, so you can stay up-to-date on best practices, code changes, and newest emerging trends. Ongoing classes allow for flexibility in taking classes also…with multiple disciplines being showcased locally, online and through the Builders Show and the National Association of Home Builders. These classes bring in members and non-members throughout our region allowing the HBASC to stay in the forefront of the building industry.

Making Connections:
Year after year, the HBASC members and sponsors share stories about the priceless connections made by being active in the association. From securing new and repeat business to creating a strong referral base, networking with members is the best way to differentiate you. By sponsoring an event or activity, you have the opportunity to prove to others the value you bring to them and their clients.

Targeted Marketing:
There is no better way to target your marketing and sponsorship dollars than by reaching the core group of movers and shakers in the building industry. Our members are the ones making business decisions day in and day out. They are the strongest in their field who count on the HBASC to bring them together with like-minded people who can build their business. Combined with the membership is consumer messaging and education offering the strongest promotional opportunity to reach high net-worth audiences interested in exactly what you have to offer.

Katie Middleton

Executive Officer, HBASC

2018 Sponsorship & Marketing Opportunities