If you’re tackling a remodel in Durango or Pagosa Springs, you’ve surely planned for obvious challenges such as winter weather, mud season, and other realities of Rocky Mountain life.  But are you truly as ready as possible?  Home builders and remodelers in Southwest Colorado agree: the better prepared you are up front, the more enjoyable the process will be.

The first thing to decide is whether you can stay home while demolition and construction are underway.  Depending on the extent of the project, you may benefit from alternate living arrangements for at least part of the time.  Consider whether a short-term rental or perhaps a friend’s ADU might be an option for you.

If you and your loved ones are staying put, here’s a list of preparations you may not have thought about. They can help you minimize aggravation and devote more energy to feeling excited about the transformations underway.

1. Prepare people and pets

Having a family meeting to talk about what’s about to happen in your home is a great idea.  Topics can include the timeframe for the work and expected inconveniences such as dust and noise.  Discuss which rooms may be off-limits for a while, and make sure children know how to be safe and stay out of the way.  Give youngsters time to ask questions and talk about any worries they may have.

If you have pets and they’ll be staying home with you, find a separate space where they can hunker down, even if it’s just a large closet or bathroom.  Include necessities, such as food and a litter box, and some familiar bedding.  Check on them often to give reassurance if you can.

Don’t stop there!  On the list of people to notify should be close neighbors.  Even if you don’t need to borrow a shower, it’s courteous to let them know about the project and invite them to voice any concerns.

2.  Get your rooms ready

If your kitchen and bathrooms are remodel targets, you know you need to move things out of cupboards and drawers and be ready to operate elsewhere.  Even if work is not being done in those rooms, think about relocating some items.  Opening a pantry and finding a layer of grit on everything is unappetizing at best.

Cover furniture throughout the house with drop cloths.  You’ll be amazed how far dust can travel.  Remove any rugs you can, and make sure your contractors will put temporary floor coverings down where they will be working.  They should also curtain off the construction zone if possible.

3.  Provide access

Assuming you don’t live in a crime-free, remote area of the Four Corners, remodeling means figuring out how to give workers access to your home without compromising security.  You could leave a key with a neighbor if you’re not always home, or install a lock that works with a combination code you can change after the project is complete.

If the family is typically away from the house while the renovation team is working, you might want to ask a stay-at-home neighbor to keep an eye on things.

4.  Protect your possessions

Think through each room in the house and pack valuables away.  Don’t forget to take pictures off walls that may vibrate when power tools are in use—homeowners sometimes neglect this step.  Fragile pieces such as china and vases should come off shelves too.

kitchen remodel

5.  Hire the right team

One of the most important moves you can make is to hire the right renovation team.  You’ll be looking for professionals with spotless reputations and a compelling portfolio.  As you go through the process of choosing a Southwest Colorado contractor, ask how they can help you prepare for a painless remodel.  They should be ready to hear your specific needs and make recommendations for a smooth project.

The Home Builders Association of Southwest Colorado can be a good resource!  Check out our Member Directory to find builders, sub-contractors, and specialists who can help you fall in love with your home all over again.

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