It’s no secret that our state—along with the rest of the country—is warming.  According to researchers at the University of Colorado, local temperatures have risen two degrees over the past three decades and “all climate model projections indicate future warming in Colorado.”

So, the notion of adding air conditioning to your mountain dream home is far from crazy today.  If your house has central heat, you might be surprised at the affordability of using existing ductwork for cooling as well as heating.  But what if you don’t have ducting, or it can’t take on another job?

Travis Oliger, one of the owners of Garrhs Heating & Air Conditioning, says you can still cool your home with a ductless system.  Also called mini-split systems, the units can be mounted high on one or more of your walls and provide relief during blazing Colorado summer afternoons.

The professionals at Garhhs, an HBASC member company, install many of these units each year.  They offer several benefits:

  • Ductless AC systems “are very efficient,” says Travis. They use more economical compressors than traditional systems and don’t lose energy to ductwork.  You will spend less on your energy bills than you would with central air.
  • Travis also notes that the systems are “easy to maintain.” Filters simply need to be removed and washed regularly.
  • Mini-split systems can also be flexible. You can add a unit to just one or two rooms as needed.

Though ductless units are visible inside the home, people who choose them feel they aren’t the eyesores window AC models can be.  And, once you live with one for a while, you will likely forget it’s there.

Winter is a great time to get ready for sweltering summer days to come.  Contacting an HBASC member like Garrhs is a good step toward figuring out the right solution for cooling your Southwest Colorado home.

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