So you’re ready to build your dream house in Southwest Colorado—congratulations!  You’re about to start a rewarding journey. Creating a living space that is perfectly in tune with your needs is the chance of a lifetime. Maybe you’ve imagined what it would be like to have your own art studio. Perhaps you’ve always wanted a huge bay window, a top of the line gourmet kitchen, or a spacious workshop. This is your opportunity to make it all happen!

Now is a great time to review the benefits of choosing one of the many talented custom home builders in Durango, CO. Some advantages are straightforward, but there are probably others you haven’t thought of.

Home by JT Builders | photo by Heather Mace

Relationships are key

Builders who live and work in La Plata County have an in-depth understanding of how to build homes that fit the environment, structurally and aesthetically.  Durango custom home builders understand local building codes and permitting processes.  They know about the requirement for soil testing here, as well as how to handle water supply and sewage disposal, whether your home will be connected to city services or located in a more remote part of the county requiring a well and septic tank.  They understand issues specific to this area such as geologic hazards and radon exposure.  Equally important, local builders have ongoing working relationships with key county staffers such as those who issue permits and building inspectors.

Home by Kogan Builders
Home by Kogan Builders

Southwest Colorado home builders also have the advantage of knowing the most experienced and reliable subcontractors available.  This means you can count on having the internal workings of your new home—such as the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems—designed and installed by experts.  It also means the surface finishes of your dream house, like flooring, countertops, and tile, will be in step with your vision.

Here’s another benefit of working with a local home builder you may not have thought about: they can suggest other professionals you may need to put finishing touches on your home now and in the future.  Who will you turn to for landscaping services?  What about when you need window washing in springtime?  These are questions a local builder can help with.

Home by Classique Builders
Home by Classique Builders | photo by Scott Griggs

Wild western weather

If you’re just moving to the Four Corners area, you may not be well acquainted with local climate and weather.  Durango’s go-to weather guy (with 13,000 followers!), Jeff Givens, notes that the area “has four distinct seasons for each of its five microclimates.”  This is a critical reason to select a Durango custom home builder.  They will plan for weather impacts on your new property including:

  • Appropriate roof strength needed for snow loads
  • How and where your roof can shed snow and ice safely
  • How to ensure your property has adequate drainage
  • Shelter you may need for outdoor living and vehicles
  • How to position the driveway for minimal winter hassles
  • Sun patterns through the seasons that affect heating and cooling

It’s all about community

Durango and other towns in La Plata County share a deep sense of community, and local homebuilders are part of the fabric of small-town life here.  These professionals care about their reputation for the sake of both their livelihoods and their network of friends and relatives.  They will want you to be completely satisfied with their work, and they will be available to help in case of a warranty issue or other problem down the road.

If you’re not already a resident, you can look forward to enjoying the warm feeling of local towns where you see people you know in stores, dining at restaurants, and out on the hiking trails.  It’s good to know you’re keeping money in the community by hiring a Southwest Colorado home builder.

The right match

How can you ensure you find the right local home builder to help you realize your dreams?  You may have received recommendations from people in the community, and chances are you’re planning to interview more than one possible choice.  As you start the process, you may also want to learn about local professional associations to see whether your candidates are members.  You can view members of the Home Builders Association of Southwest Colorado (HBASC) here.  Other affiliations you might want to check with include the Colorado Association of Home Builders (CAHB) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Good luck with your project!

Featured home at top by Kogan Builders

Home by Katiti Builders
Home by Katiti Builders
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