You’ve put it off long enough—it’s time for a new front door.  Whether you’re remodeling your entire home in Durango or Pagosa Springs or you just need to tackle a dated, dingy, drafty entrance, you know the result will be worthwhile.  But what kind of door should you choose?

There are three common options for door materials; here are the basic pros and cons to consider.

  • Wood: No question about it—wood doors can be gorgeous. They might either blend with the rest of your home or make a standout statement, and they can be personalized with glass and other accents.  The downside of this choice is that wood deteriorates with time.  In our climate with its hot and cold swings, you may find yourself replacing a new wood door sooner than another kind.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass doors are so flexible! They can be manufactured to look like wood, or painted in any color.  They last longer than wood doors too, and can provide better climate control if they’re well insulated.  You can expect fiberglass doors to be more expensive than wood doors, but over the years the added cost may make sense.
  • Steel: If home security is a primary concern, you may want to go with a steel front door. They can provide extra protection against break-ins and serve as shields against extreme weather too.  The chief drawback of metal doors is they can dent and be impossible to repair.

These aren’t the only choices in front door materials, and there are a few more decisions beyond that obvious one.  Another is whether you’ll hire someone to help or tackle the job yourself.  Lowe’s has a simple article you might want to read to get started thinking things over.  If you know you would benefit from working with a pro, check out our member directory and contact our Southwest Colorado carpenter firms.

No matter how you decide to get the job done, know that your project will pay off.  Industry insiders agree that should you sell your home in the near future, you’ll probably recoup most of the investment you make in a new front door.

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