The value of a General Contractor

So, you’ve always wanted to build your dream home in Durango, and you’ve imagined what it would be like to serve as your own contractor.  Many states do allow owners to do this, and Colorado is one of them.  Why not become an owner-builder?  You would save money and feel an enormous sense of accomplishment, right?

Maybe.  But it’s equally possible that hiring a qualified general contractor for building your La Plata County home could be one of the best decisions of your life.  Here’s a quick look at some of the ways talented general contractors can be real assets to home builders.

Critical Relationships

Contractors have the relationships with tradespeople you don’t have.  They may see each other frequently both on and off the job, and chances are they feel a sense of responsibility to each other.  Subcontractors typically want to work under a general contractor more than directly with an owner-builder.  You might even find that the only electricians, plumbers, and drywall workers willing to bid on your job are some a GC wouldn’t trust.

A seasoned GC also has key connections with building officials.  When they’re well versed in local building codes and well regarded within building departments, it’s not unusual for a general contractor to get plans approved more quickly and inspections scheduled more readily than a homeowner.

Effective Time Management

With some experience under their belt, a good GC really shines at efficient scheduling.  This means not only understanding the order each subcontractor needs to appear on the scene, it also means knowing when to schedule inspections to keep the process moving forward.

General contractors usually have a queue of jobs waiting to be done, so they’re motivated to ensure your build stays on track.  And efficiency also helps them pay subcontractors and keep cash flow healthy.

Living room

Stress Reduction

While building your own home in Durango might be rewarding, it may also prove to be stressful for you and your family.  Think about challenges you may face building in Southwest Colorado: what happens if winter appears before your project is completed?  What will you do if you’re down to the wire in the fall and some of the tradespeople you’re counting on are planning to go hunting?

One of the most important functions a GC performs is providing a buffer between you and subcontractors.  Whether the challenge is hunting season or disappointing tile work, your GC is there to take care of the problem.  They have leverage you don’t have.

More Advantages

It’s likely that hiring a great general contractor for your Durango building project will pay off in ways you haven’t thought of.  For instance, while you may be completely satisfied with the plan for your home, an experienced GC may have a few ideas to share with you.  Perhaps they know of exterior materials that perform better in the local climate than those specified in the blueprint.  They may suggest an enhancement here or there that didn’t occur to you.  They may even know of a great deal on particular plumbing fixtures or countertops through their network of contacts.

And speaking of contacts, what kinds of services will you be needing after the build is complete?  Will you be looking for a landscape architect?  Someone to help with window coverings?  Your GC may have both contacts and influence you can take advantage of.

A Lifetime Investment

Great general contractors in Southwest Colorado do not come cheap, it’s true, and it can be tempting to save money by going it alone.  But when you think about it, a GC with a good track record is highly likely to deliver the home of your dreams—a lifetime investment—in a timelier, less stressful way than you can do yourself.

From foundation to finishes, your Durango dream home will make you proud, and what better value could you ask for?

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Home in featured image built by Z Carpenters, Inc.

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