If you’re planning a new build or remodel in Durango or Pagosa Springs, you may be eyeing unused space under the stairs and wondering if you could make something out of it.  You probably have already seen—or imagined—some of the ways people capitalize on this area by creating:

  • Coat closets or mud rooms near an entry
  • Cozy reading nooks or mini home offices
  • Extra shelves and drawers to add pantry capacity

Why not aim for a fresh idea?  Let us tempt you with some innovative thinking about that under stairs space.  Courtesy of Houzz and Homes & Gardens and a few other authorities, here are some of the latest inspirations.  One might be a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

New Ways to Use Under Stairs Space

People with Southwest Colorado mountain homes often enjoy having friends and neighbors over.  If this is you:

  • Consider creating a wine cellar under the stairs. You could design a place to keep your collection safe and handy behind closed doors, or go all out and include attractive shelving, soft lighting, and glass doors to display your bottles.
  • If you like the wine cellar idea and your budget can stretch a little further, why not build a complete wet bar? With ample open and closed storage, a wine refrigerator, a bar sink, and a few stools, this space could be a nice area for guests to congregate, alleviating crowding in the kitchen.

If you’re part of a busy, young family, you might want to carve out more personal areas for loved ones:

  • With family members spending more time at home these days, an under-stair playroom could be a winning idea for your kids. Here’s one example of a nook that would be irresistible for playtime or quiet time for young ones.  The bonus is extra storage for toys, games, books, and art supplies.
  • Does everyone in our state have a dog? It sure seems that way!  In some homes, Rover lucks out with a place of his own under the stairs.  And not just a dog bed tossed in the space—no, no.  An inviting, comfy dog bedroom.

If You Have Minimal Space

Many Rocky Mountain homes have two or even three stories to capitalize on views, and many already utilize under-stair space in one way or another.  But if you think there’s not much you can do under an existing stairway, look again.  A few storage drawers might be the answer—for wine, as this builder created—or craft supplies?  Holiday decorations?  Wrapping paper?  Who doesn’t need a few more drawers in their home?

For Basement Stairs

If you’re fortunate enough to have a basement, you may already be using the space under the stairs as informal storage.  Now might be the right time for some built in shelves, bars for hanging winter clothes, and hooks for hats and jackets.

Or, consider stashing your mountain bikes under the stairs during winter months.  Here’s a look at one bike solution.

So, which idea for using the space under the stairs works best for you?  Which one do you want to add to your Southwest Colorado remodel project?  You may need some design help or a talented carpenter to help you out.  Contact us and we can suggest members of the Home Builders Association of Southwest Colorado who might be perfect choices for the job.

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