You’ve probably heard the saying: “all politics is local.”  The phrase is attributed to a former U.S. Speaker of the House.  He was talking about being successful at the national level by understanding and delivering on the needs of local constituents.  In other words, as you know, what happens in the upper echelons of government eventually flows down to us.

In order for supportive legislation to come our way, information and influence have to bubble up in the other direction too.  Not only that, the HBASC must ensure we work hand in hand with other groups in our own area that may impact us.

That’s why we need you to join our Government Affairs Committee!

The Role is Critical

This team meets once each month to focus on issues affecting Archuleta and La Plata County builders.  Members give their time to understanding what’s happening at the local, state, and national levels by attending relevant meetings, doing research, and talking with others whose work intersects with ours.  They prepare insights for various agencies and governing bodies, performing the critical task of making sure decision makers understand the building industry’s point of view.

One example of the committee’s local impact is on the building moratorium proposed for La Plata County last year.  Though we understood the moratorium was meant to be a brief pause while changing from one land-use code to another, we joined with Realtors and business owners in advising that another way to transition should be found.  We suggested that in the face of pandemic-related job loss and economic uncertainty, even a short moratorium could have a disastrous impact on local residents.

County commissioners heard us and agreed!  Important work?  Yes!  Rewarding?  You bet.

The Government Affairs team continues to work on local issues central to the success of HBASC members.  In Durango, we’re active in helping re-write the Fair Share ordinance that affects affordable housing development, and on the city’s adoption of 2018 energy codes.  In Archuleta County, we’re also working on some innovative ideas to make affordable housing more feasible.

At the State Level

You probably already know that your membership in the HBASC automatically makes you a member of the Colorado Association of Home Builders (CAHB).  This gives you access to useful information, discounts and more.

As a member of the HBASC’s Government Affairs Committee, you can help us connect at the state level.  Voting members of the CAHB’s Government Affairs Committee are appointed by local organizations like ours.  Sending one of our own to serve provides an avenue for making sure concerns of builders in La Plata and Archuleta Counties are represented.  The CAHB looks to local HBAs for participation in other ways too (such as on their Board of Directors).

With housing and development at the forefront of critical issues in the Four Corners area, the chance to participate in the CAHB can be extra satisfying for our members.  A recent legislative report released by the organization highlights some of the positive influence the group had on a variety of key Colorado General Assembly bills.  The issues affected included affordable housing programs, wetland regulations, HOAs and metro districts.  You can see the entire report here.

Benefits to You

No one really likes the prospect of more meetings—we get it!  But for many, there’s a great deal of fulfillment to be had from helping to guide our industry.  Once you reach a high level of proficiency and success as a La Plata or Archuleta County home builder, there’s nothing like the feeling of contributing at a different level.

Another benefit of joining the HBASC’s Government Affairs Committee is the chance to make more contacts and network.  And, as a local industry leader and influencer, you may have the opportunity to serve as a spokesperson for all of us in the media and elsewhere.

Ready to find out more?  Call our offices at 970-382-0082.  We can talk it through and put you in contact with members of the Government Affairs Committee.  Attending a meeting might be a good way to decide if this is the right fit for you.  Consider it!

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