Realtors in Durango and Pagosa Springs have a wild market on their hands these days.  If you’re one of them, we bet you face challenges that may range from helping buyers win bidding wars to finding scarce listings, not to mention managing Covid concerns.

Being extra busy is actually one reason you should join the Home Builders Association of Southwest Colorado, believes Russ Smith, an investor and broker with Keller Williams Realty Southwest Associates in Durango and an HBASC member.  Rather than being another drain on your time, there are several ways the organization can help you be successful.

Here’s Russ’s take on the top benefits of HBASC membership for Realtors.

Industry contacts

One of the most obvious perks of joining the organization is getting to know other members, Russ says. This is especially helpful to Realtors with clients who are moving to the area and need the services of La Plata and Archuleta County contractors and subs.  In his role as Sales Director for Twin Buttes of Durango, Russ feels he can “recommend the best HBASC architects, builders, excavators, and other member tradespeople.”

Not only that, every member of the HBASC is a potential home buyer or seller down the road, Russ points out.

Fresh knowledge

Many people in the building industry in Durango and Pagosa Springs find it challenging to keep up with ever-evolving local codes and regulations—Realtors are no exception. Members of the HBASC can rely on the organization to track changes that impact clients at various stages, such as updating a house before putting it on the market or deciding whether to waive inspections to sweeten a bid on a home.

A special area of focus for the building industry in Southwest Colorado these days is going green.  The HBASC plus the state and national organizations (HBASC members are automatically enrolled) offer a wealth of information through articles, events, and classes.  Keeping on top of key issues like sustainability can enable you to position yourself as a thought leader.

Service for clients

“A good Realtor is an information provider,” Russ asserts. In addition to referring his clients to tradespeople and helping them spot relevant trends, Russ assists in other ways.  His HBASC contacts include accountants, bankers, appliance dealers, painters, and even car dealerships.  Especially when a family is new in town, Russ is glad to point them to providers with HBASC credentials.

Marketing assistance

Realtors are known for working long hours and weekend days. It’s not surprising if you don’t feel you have much energy to devote to marketing.  The HBASC can help you get your name in front of prospective clients through advertising opportunities, and as you attend meetings and events you’ll build your own set of contacts who can provide invaluable referrals.  You may also be able to leverage HBASC content in your own marketing efforts—contact us for ideas.

A chance to give back, and receive

Having been successful as a licensed real estate broker in Arizona and Colorado for more than 30 years, Russ says “I’m in the ‘give back’ period of my career.” He is active with the HBASC and enjoys spending time with like-minded industry colleagues.  “It’s great to be involved with an organization that has your best interests at heart,” he notes.

But it’s not all about giving back.  “If you use the opportunities the HBASC presents,” Russ says, “good things can come to you in spades.”

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