Attention Southwest Colorado kitchen remodelers!  Think your space is too small for an island?  Even if you really don’t have room for one of the large, meal prep/eat-on islands so popular right now, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t add some useful surfaces to your kitchen.  Consider these possibilities:

Design a Peninsula

Even a small kitchen peninsula can make a difference when space is at a premium.  Not only can a workspace extension help you prepare meals, it may do double-duty as a lunch counter or homework desk as well.  It can be tricky to design one that’s right for a small kitchen, though: Should it have a bit of an overhang?  Would a “dog-leg” style work, borrowing a bit of floor from an adjacent room?  Contact us and we’ll point you to a few clever HBASC-member kitchen designers in Durango and Pagosa Springs who can help you figure it out.

Consider a Rolling Island

For some kitchens, a rolling island is a great solution.  Whether you want more storage, cutting board surfaces, or a place for people to sit and socialize in the kitchen—or you’re hoping to solve all these needs—you may find a model online that fits the bill.  Some have space-saving options like sliding doors and drop-leaf pieces, many have hooks for utensils and towels.  Given the variety available, you should be able to find one that suits your budget and décor.

Better yet, build it yourself!  Here’s a farmhouse-style island you can DIY with a few tools and skills; plans and photos are available.  It’s sweet-yet-solid, and imagine how you’ll feel when guests ask where you found it!

Incorporate Temporary Surfaces

If your kitchen is indeed too small to add fixed surfaces, borrow a page from tiny home builders and create expandable spots for food prep and other needs.  These can be pull-out or fold-down tables or cutting boards that disappear when not in use.  If this is the way to go for your kitchen, one of our HBASC carpenters may be a good choice to make it happen.

Whatever your Southwest Colorado remodeling dreams look like, we can probably help.  Email your questions, and we can suggest one or more vetted professionals to partner with you to update your home.

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