People getting ready to create their dream home—and Southwest Colorado builders qualified to make it happen—already know a great deal about home design that yields lasting value.  But it can’t hurt to review design basics that never go out of style.

Here’s our take on a variety of choices that can give your Rocky Mountain dream home loads of appeal for many years to come.

Natural Materials

It’s true across the country but especially so here in Durango and Pagosa Springs: home designs almost always incorporate natural materials.  Our beautiful environment just begs to be brought indoors.  When you choose granite countertops, a flagstone entry, natural wood for dramatic beams or gorgeous doors, or other plant materials for embellishment, you can be confident those features will age with grace.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are extra smart choices for kitchens and baths.  These are the rooms we use the most, and they’re ripe for trendy ideas.  Consider this, though: the turquoise patterned tiles or black cabinets you love today may give you a headache down the road.  What’s more, eventually they will look dated and may be an obstacle should you decide to sell your home.

No-Fuss Cabinetry

Hand in hand with neutral colors go clean lines and uncomplicated materials.  Think back on the once-popular light oak cabinet doors with colonial arches, to many they scream “out of fashion” today.  Cleaner lines tend to have more staying power.

Similarly, if you choose cabinets that conform to very specific tastes—say you favor beadboard for a cottage feel or distressed wood for a farmhouse look—you may limit your kitchen’s flexibility in the eyes of a future buyer.

Classic Details

There are many other options you can include in your La Plata or Archuleta County dream home without worrying about future appeal.  Exposed brick is a great example.  You’re not limited to using it for a fireplace—you might consider a brick wall for the kitchen or even family room.  Since brick tends to lend a warm feel to rooms it’s a great choice for snow country, and it has the advantage of fitting in easily whether you lean toward a modern industrial look or a more traditional aesthetic.

Built in bookcases and display cabinets are other classic home features you might want to include.  They can make a house feel more like a welcoming home, and less like an empty, basic building.

The Choice is Yours

You may be planning to sell your home in the not-too-distant future, or you may have the funds to remodel down the road.  If so, you can certainly adopt any of the latest trends you like.  But if you want to play it safer, aim for these perennially popular ideas and remember that “safer” doesn’t mean “boring.”  You can change your look easily with new paint, fabrics, hardware, furniture and other updates that won’t wreak havoc with your bank account.

We can point you to Southwest Colorado designers, builders, and architects—along with many other experts—who can provide assistance if you need it.  We enjoy serving as a concierge for locals wanting to build or remodel in Durango and Pagosa Springs.  Give us a call at 970-382-0082.

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