Whether you’re planning to enter a custom-built home in the Durango 2022 Parade of Homes, you’re interested in marketing opportunities related to the ultra-popular event, or you’re not sure how you should be involved, hear this: you want a piece of this pie!

Benefits for Builders

If you’re a builder in Southwest Colorado, we trust you already have a sense of how prestigious it is to have one of your projects featured in our showcase.  Your recently-completed home, commercial project, or substantial remodel will be presented:

  • On the in-person and virtual tours
  • In a full-page display in the Parade of Homes Magazine
  • In our electronic marketing outreach
  • In our robust multi-media campaign

If you win an award, so much the better.  You’ll enjoy tremendous recognition across the region for years to come, beyond what the HBASC implements.

Other Ways to Leverage the Event

If you don’t have an entry this year, or if you’re in a supporting trade that doesn’t always command the spotlight, you can still take advantage of the Parade of Homes.  You can advertise in the Parade of Homes magazine or sponsor one of the weekend’s venues, and we encourage all our members to tie their own company’s marketing plans to the Parade of Homes in early fall.  Savvy HBASC firms hold contests, talk up the event on social media, publish blog posts, and more.

We also suggest our members volunteer at the event.  This is a great way to meet homeowners who are planning a new build or remodel, and to network with other industry professionals.

We Know What You’re Thinking

It occurs to us too—the 2021 Parade of Homes doesn’t seem all that far off in the rear-view mirror.  And helping your Association produce the event requires a bit of time from your busy schedule.  But consider these points:

  • The event is the flagship marketing vehicle for the industry and our members. No other HBASC production creates as much visibility for such a long period of time, nor generates funding to equal the Parade of Homes.  It demands our best efforts because it is so special.
  • People from all over the region come to gain inspiration for their own projects, and they rate their experience with the weekend highly. Associating your Southwest Colorado building industry firm with the Parade of Homes and beautiful deliverables such as the magazine reinforces credibility.
  • Even if you’re busy right now, that may not always be the case. Getting your name out there via the Parade of Homes can help ensure your project pipeline is never empty.  The extra time needed from you is much less than you would invest in your own marketing campaign.
  • The HBASC spends $70,000 on event marketing, blanketing print, broadcast, and electronic mediums. Like we said, you want a piece of this pie!

Questions?  Feedback?  Give us a call at 970-382-0082.

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