One big benefit of becoming a member in the Home Builders Association of Southwest Colorado (HBASC) is access to classes and certifications offered at the national level.  These educational opportunities from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) help Durango contractors:

  • Acquire new skills and refresh existing knowledge
  • Keep up with evolving technology
  • Spot trends and changing client priorities
  • Gain visibility as an industry-recognized leader

As a builder in the Four Corners area today, consider becoming a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) through the NAHB.  Here’s what you need to know.

Recognize Market Forces

Since you’re part of the housing industry, you’re well aware that Southwest Colorado is booming.  People from elsewhere want to live here, and they work on making it happen.  A couple we know from New Mexico is a good example.  They visited Durango for years, researched the surrounding areas, bought land, and are now planning their Durango dream home.  Like so many other transplants, after strategizing to make their vision a reality, the two don’t want to move again down the road.  Building an aging-friendly home is a must for the couple.

Another influence on the popularity of the “aging in place movement” is the fact that Colorado’s existing population is getting older.  The Durango Herald published an article on the trend several years ago, highlighting that in the decade ending in 2020, 155 state residents turned 65 every day.  In the prior decade, La Plata County’s 65 and older population grew by 45%.  The article also noted that the vast majority of older people want to stay in their current residence as the years pass.

Become a Specialist

The time is right for tradespeople, remodelers, and home builders in Southwest Colorado to learn about the CAPS designation program through the NAHB.  Here’s an overview.

The core CAPS curriculum consists of three courses, all offered in-person at various venues across the country and in a virtual format:

  • Marketing and Communicating with the Aging in Place Client
  • Design Concepts for Livable Homes and Aging in Place
  • Details and Solutions for Livable Homes and Aging in Place

After completing the three classes, candidates send in a graduation application and fee (under $300 for HBASC members), submit a signed copy of the CAPS code of ethics pledge, and provide proof of insurance and a copy of their business license.  Finally, there’s a commitment to 12 hours of continuing education every three years, also at a discount from the non-member price.

Extend the Value of CAPS

Once you’ve earned your CAPS designation, the NAHB offers several ways to make the most of the achievement.  The first step is to download and use the CAPS logo on your website and printed materials.

Next, get an electronic copy of the CAPS PowerPoint presentation.  It shows a prospective client how you can incorporate sound design features that ensure their home’s livability now and in the future, and it will set you apart from competitors without CAPS certification.  Even if you never formally show the presentation, reviewing the material yourself will assist you in recalling important points later on.

Check out these and the rest of the marketing resources available to you on the NAHB website.  You’ll find sample press releases you can adapt to announce your new certification and ideas from your peers for additional outreach and networking.

Integrate your CAPS Knowledge

Make aging-in-place a key part of your professional mindset moving forward.  The NAHB has articles to review, and you can bookmark the organization’s Blogs and Publications page so you remember to return to find new material.

If you’re initially surprised about how much focus there is on this aspect of the building market, you soon won’t be!  The emphasis on aging-in-place for home builders and remodelers is here to stay.

Have questions about HBASC membership and other benefits of joining?  Give us a call at 970-382-0082 and let’s talk.

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