We almost panicked for a moment!  Doing a bit of research to advise the many locals who use the winter months to paint indoors, we thought we heard that our beloved gray tones were on their way out.

Not so!  Whew!  You can still select shades of gray for your home and be on trend for years to come.  But the landscape is indeed changing, and we’d like to pass along what we’ve learned.

Paint experts from leading manufacturers say that while gray is as popular as ever, the trend is toward warmer, softer shades as opposed to the cool, flat tones we’re used to.  These cozier neutrals look great contrasted with bright white trim and ceiling paint, and a few touches of black or charcoal.

In fact, a color expert at Valspar told Real Homes she sees a shift to darker gray on interior walls when homeowners want to establish a comfortable, inviting space.  “Deep shades of charcoal are being embraced to create a cozy retreat,” she noted.

Another advantage of using a warmer gray is that it may have a distinct undertone that enables you to choose a companion color or two to spice things up.  If you can identify a shade with a green undertone, you can bring one of the new celery greens into your home and create a feeling of balance, freshness, and calm.  On the other hand, a gray with a pink undertone—or the currently popular greige—invites you to introduce energy into a space with selective use of terracotta or coral paint.

If you are color-challenged, you’re in good company.  Who hasn’t made a serious paint mistake in their life?  You can get help by working with a Southwest Colorado designer.  Especially if you’re investing in planning or remodeling a key area of your home requiring decisions in window coverings, flooring, appliances, and more, a color expert can be worth their weight in, well, gold.  Give us a call at 970-382-0082 and we can suggest a couple to talk to.

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