If the challenging times we’ve been through of late have taught us anything, it’s that we want our homes to suit the way we live as completely as possible.  That means a number of things, including the need to optimize every inch of space outdoors as well as inside.

Here are some trends in outdoor living areas that have caught our eye recently.  Maybe one interests you as well—if so, dive into our member directory.  As Southwest Colorado builders, most of our contractors, architects, designers, remodelers, masons, and other professionals have extensive experience creating places to relax, entertain, work, and play outside.

Sheds and ADUs

This first trend won’t surprise you: sheds are all the rage.  Since we’re spending more time at home, many people want a room away from the main house to use as an office, a music room, an art studio, or a place for the kids to learn and play.

Another movement that’s keeping our members in construction in Durango and Pagosa Springs busy is the wave of interest in ADUs, or accessory dwelling units separate from the home.  A senior may need to move closer to a son or daughter, or a young adult attending college or just starting a career may want a bit of extra time at home.  Add in the rising cost of housing in our area and you can see why ADUs are so popular.

Unlike a one-room shed built for a specific purpose, ADUs typically include a kitchen and bath.  Read more about the benefits of this kind of addition for your residence.

Outdoor Living Areas

For some families the goal is to bring the indoors out, in other words, create an outdoor living room for relaxing and hosting friends.  To make the space work for cooler seasons in our area, a fire pit is a popular choice, as are heat lamps.  Lighting done right is critical too.  A misting system, strategic shading options, and pergolas for climbing plants help during months when the sun can be blazing hot.  Designing the perfect outdoor living room for your family can make your Southwest Colorado dream home complete.

Alfresco Kitchens

Many people who love to entertain outdoors in the Four Corners feel that a barbecue grill and umbrella table just don’t do the job any longer.  If you’re thinking of building an outdoor kitchen, the possibilities are nearly endless.  You might have your sights on a patio and an island with an appliance or two, or you may be thinking bigger: perhaps a huge outdoor room with a full kitchen, a bar and other seating options, a pizza oven, a big screen TV, and more.  Your only limits today are space and budget.  HBASC members who specialize in kitchen design to fit Southwest Colorado can be good resources for you.

Raising Food at Home

Perhaps yours is one of the many families who have turned to raising some of what goes on the dining table.  That doesn’t mean your yard has to look like a farm.  Interested in having fresh eggs at hand?  Adopt a few hens and give them a house that’s truly inspired.  One of our Durango construction firms could build you one that mimics the design of your home, or you could choose a log cabin, a beach house or even a fairy castle for your chickens.

Raised beds for growing vegetables can be creatively designed as well.  If your house sports corrugated metal siding for snow protection, for instance, raised planters constructed with this type of material inside a cedar frame would harmonize very well.

Spaces for Kids

Your youngsters have undoubtedly been spending more time at home too.  It makes sense to invest in places that encourage them to go outside, get some exercise, and spend time away from their screens.  Depending on your children and their interests, you could consider an outdoor play kitchen, a cabin-like playhouse, a covered sandbox with seating area or a wooden play boat.  If you have a little more space, how about a zip line or climbing wall?

Contact HBASC Members

Even if you’ve purchased every design magazine you can get your hands on and scoured the internet, chances are there are great ideas still waiting for you to discover.  Try contacting some HBASC members.  With their experience and connections, our group of Southwest Colorado contractors and designers will know how to get you going in the right direction.

Call our offices at 970-382-0082 if we can help.

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